Explore Nature in Kandy

Kandy, located in the heart of Sri Lanka, is a city renowned for its natural beauty and rich biodiversity. Exploring nature in Kandy provides a unique opportunity to witness the mesmerizing landscapes, lush greenery, and diverse wildlife of this tropical paradise.

Kandy is also blessed with scenic lakes, including the picturesque Kandy Lake (also known as Bogambara Lake) and the scenic Victoria Reservoir.Another must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts is the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. Spread across 147 acres, this enchanting garden is renowned for its diverse collection of orchids, exotic plants, and towering trees.One of the most iconic natural attractions in Kandy is the Udawattekele Sanctuary, also known as the Royal Forest Park. This dense forest reserve is situated on a hill and offers scenic hiking trails that lead to panoramic viewpoints.

For those seeking a more adventurous experience, a visit to the Knuckles Mountain Range is highly recommended. Located just a short distance from Kandy, this UNESCO World Heritage site boasts rugged peaks, cascading waterfalls, and pristine forests. The area offers numerous trekking trails that cater to various levels of difficulty, allowing you to immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of nature. Along the way, you might encounter unique wildlife species such as the purple-faced langur monkey or the Sri Lankan leopard.

Overall, exploring nature in Kandy offers a captivating blend of breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and a chance to connect with the natural wonders of Sri Lanka. Whether you prefer leisurely walks, wildlife encounters, or challenging hikes, Kandy has something to offer every nature enthusiast.

Here are some aspects of nature that make Kandy a stunning destination.

Kandy Lake

Kandy Lake, also known as Bogambara Lake, is a prominent natural attraction in the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. Located in the heart of the city, it is a man-made lake that adds to the scenic beauty and charm of Kandy.

The lake was created in 1807 by King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe, the last monarch of the Kingdom of Kandy. It was built as a decorative feature for the Temple of the Tooth Relic, which is situated nearby.

The Kandy Lake Walk offers a tranquil and scenic pathway that encircles the entire lake. It is a popular spot for both locals and tourists to take leisurely strolls, especially during the early morning or late afternoon when the weather is pleasant. The walkway is shaded by tall trees and offers beautiful views of the lake and its surroundings, including the lush vegetation and the distant hills.

Kandy Lake also serves as an important habitat for various bird species, especially during the migratory season. Bird enthusiasts can spot a variety of water birds, including pelicans, cormorants, and egrets, among others. The lake’s tranquil ambiance and natural surroundings make it an ideal spot for birdwatching.

Overall, Kandy Lake is not only a beautiful and serene location but also holds historical and cultural significance. It provides visitors with an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful walk, appreciate the natural beauty, and soak in the ambiance of Kandy, all while being surrounded by the city’s rich heritage.

Kandy View Point

The Kandy View Point, situated on Rajapihilla Mawatha, is indeed a remarkable tourist attraction in Kandy.The viewpoint’s location near Kandy Lake and its surrounding landscapes of mountains and meadows make it a truly mesmerizing spot. To reach the viewpoint from the city, you would take the Rajapihilla Mawatha Route and embark on a 1 km steep climb.

From the viewpoint, you can behold the entire expanse of Kandy town spread out before your eyes. The picturesque Kandy Lake and the revered Dalada Maligawa, also known as the Temple of the Tooth Relic, can be spotted from this elevated vantage point. The breathtaking vistas of the city, lake, and temple create a captivating scene that will leave a lasting impression.

Visiting the Kandy View Point offers a memorable experience as you immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of Kandy’s landscapes and landmarks. The panoramic view and the sense of tranquility from this elevated position provide a unique perspective on the city’s charm and allure.

Udawattekele Sanctuary

The Udawattekele Sanctuary, also known as the Royal Forest Park, is a captivating nature reserve located in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Nestled on a hillside just behind the Temple of the Tooth Relic, this lush green sanctuary offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city.

Spread across approximately 257 acres, the Udawattekele Sanctuary is a haven for nature lovers and bird enthusiasts. The forest reserve is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, making it an important ecological hotspot. One of the highlights of the sanctuary is its well-maintained network of hiking trails. These trails lead you through the forest, offering opportunities to witness its natural beauty up close.

The Udawattekele Sanctuary also boasts historical and cultural significance. Within its premises, you’ll find several Buddhist meditation caves, some of which are believed to date back to the 18th century. These caves were once used by Buddhist monks as places of solitude and contemplation.

The Udawattekele Sanctuary offers a serene and immersive experience, allowing you to connect with nature while being just a stone’s throw away from the city center of Kandy. It provides a refreshing retreat and a chance to appreciate the beauty of Sri Lanka’s tropical forest ecosystems and their rich biodiversity.

Royal Botanical Gardens Peradeniya

The Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, also known as the Royal Botanic Gardens, is a world-renowned botanical garden located in Peradeniya, near Kandy, Sri Lanka. Spanning over 147 acres, it is the largest botanical garden in the country and a must-visit destination for nature lovers and botany enthusiasts.

Established in 1821 by the British colonial government, the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens are known for their remarkable collection of plants, stunning landscapes, and rich history. The gardens showcase over 4,000 species of plants, including exotic orchids, towering palm trees, fragrant roses, and a vast array of tropical flora.

As you enter the gardens, you’ll be greeted by an impressive avenue of royal palms, leading to the central area known as the Great Circle. One of the major attractions within the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is the Orchid House, which features a diverse collection of stunning orchid species from Sri Lanka and around the world. Another notable feature of the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is the giant Javan fig tree, believed to be over 160 years old. This colossal tree spreads its branches over a large area, creating a natural canopy that offers shade and a tranquil atmosphere.

In summary, the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens are a captivating destination that seamlessly blends natural beauty, botanical diversity, and historical significance. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a botany lover, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, a visit to these gardens will immerse you in the wonders of Sri Lanka’s plant life and leave you with lasting memories.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a popular tourist attraction located in Pinnawala, Sri Lanka. It is a unique sanctuary that serves as a home and rehabilitation center for orphaned and injured elephants.Established in 1975, the orphanage was initially created to provide care for a small group of orphaned elephant calves.

Visitors have the opportunity to observe and interact with these gentle giants up close. The orphanage is home to a sizable number of elephants, including young calves, juveniles, and adult elephants.

One of the main highlights of the orphanage is the daily bathing ritual. Twice a day, the elephants are led to the nearby Ma Oya River, where they have the chance to bathe, splash around, and cool off in the water. This spectacle is a delight to witness as the elephants playfully interact with each other, presenting a memorable and heartwarming sight.

Visitors can also witness the feeding sessions, where the elephants are provided with their daily intake of food. This includes a large quantity of fruits and vegetables, which are distributed to the elephants by the caretakers. Watching these majestic creatures enjoy their meals is both educational and fascinating.

Overall, the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage provides a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about elephants, their behavior, and the conservation efforts being undertaken to protect these magnificent creatures. It is a place where you can witness the beauty and strength of elephants while supporting their welfare and conservation.

Times to visit the Orphanage The centre opens at 8.30 in the morning and closes at 6pm daily.
Bottle feeding is at 9.15am, 1.15pm & 5pm and bathing times at the river is at 10am and 2pm.

Victoria Dam

The Victoria Reservoir, also known as the Victoria Dam or the Victoria Lake, is a significant water reservoir located near Kandy, Sri Lanka. It is situated about 20 kilometers from Kandy and is a popular attraction among tourists and locals alike.

The reservoir was constructed as part of the Mahaweli Development Project, a large-scale irrigation and hydroelectric power generation initiative in Sri Lanka. Completed in 1985, the Victoria Reservoir serves multiple purposes, including irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, and water supply to nearby towns and villages.

The reservoir covers a vast area, surrounded by rolling hills and picturesque landscapes. The calm waters of the reservoir create a serene and tranquil ambiance, making it a pleasant spot for relaxation and scenic beauty.

Victoria Reservoir near Kandy is a scenic and tranquil destination where visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, observe diverse bird species, and appreciate the engineering feat of the Victoria Dam. It is an ideal place to unwind and enjoy the serenity of Sri Lanka’s natural landscapes.

Hulu River Waterfall

Huluganga Falls, situated in Huluganga Town, is indeed a stunning waterfall within the Central Province of Sri Lanka. Its location approximately 30 kilometers away from Kandy makes it an accessible natural attraction for both locals and tourists.

With a height of around 75 meters, the cascading Huluganga Falls offers a mesmerizing sight as water plunges down into the pool below. The surrounding landscape is adorned with lush greenery, adding to the scenic beauty of the waterfall.

Visiting Huluganga Falls offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the splendor of nature and enjoy the captivating sights and sounds of the waterfall. It provides a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing visitors to connect with the tranquility and natural beauty of Sri Lanka’s Central Province.

Ramboda Falls

The waterfall is situated on the Pussellawa-Balangoda Road, making it easily accessible for visitors. As you approach Ramboda Falls, you’ll be captivated by the sight of water cascading down from a height of approximately 109 meters (358 feet) in two main segments. The water flows through a series of rocky outcrops and lush green vegetation, creating a mesmerizing spectacle.

Ramboda Falls is surrounded by the scenic landscapes of the Central Highlands, adding to its charm. The mist created by the cascading water often shrouds the area, creating a mystical ambiance. It’s common for rainbows to form in the mist, offering a delightful visual treat for visitors.

There are several viewpoints and observation decks near Ramboda Falls that allow you to admire and capture the beauty of the waterfall. You can witness the powerful flow of water and marvel at the natural wonders surrounding it.

Visiting Ramboda Falls provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature. The lush greenery, the sound of rushing water, and the cool mist in the air create a serene and refreshing atmosphere. It’s an ideal place to relax, take photographs, and appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty of Sri Lanka’s landscapes.

Hanthana Mountain Range

The Hanthana Mountain Range is a prominent mountain range located near the city of Kandy in Sri Lanka’s Central Province. It stretches approximately 15 kilometers south-west of Kandy and is a popular destination for hiking, nature exploration, and panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

The name “Hanthana” translates to “Seven Hills” in Sinhala, which refers to the seven prominent peaks that make up the mountain range. The highest peak in the range is Uura Kanda, reaching an elevation of around 1,350 meters (4,430 feet) above sea level.

The Hanthana Mountain Range is known for its lush greenery, diverse flora and fauna, and the natural beauty it offers to visitors. The mountains are covered in dense forests, tea plantations, and a variety of endemic plant species. The cool climate and refreshing air make it a pleasant escape from the heat of the lowlands.

The mountain range provides numerous opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking. There are several trails and paths that wind through the mountains, offering varying levels of difficulty for hikers of different experience levels. As you ascend the mountains, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of the surrounding valleys, tea estates, and the city of Kandy.

Knuckles Mountain Range

The Knuckles Mountain Range is a scenic mountain range located in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, northeast of the city of Kandy. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular destination for nature enthusiasts, hikers, and adventure seekers.

The Knuckles Mountain Range gets its name from its resemblance to a clenched fist or a set of knuckles when viewed from certain angles. The range spans across an area of approximately 155 square kilometers and is characterized by its rugged terrain, deep valleys, sharp peaks, and diverse ecosystems.

One of the main attractions of the Knuckles Mountain Range is its extensive network of hiking trails. There are several trails of varying difficulty levels, offering opportunities for both casual trekkers and experienced hikers. The trails take you through enchanting forests, across gushing streams, and up to breathtaking viewpoints, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

The Knuckles Mountain Range also provides adventure activities such as camping, birdwatching, mountain biking, and wildlife spotting. The remote and untouched nature of the area offers a sense of tranquility and a chance to disconnect from the bustling city life.

Visiting the Knuckles Mountain Range provides a unique opportunity to explore the untamed beauty of Sri Lanka’s wilderness and to appreciate the incredible biodiversity that thrives in this region. Whether you’re a nature lover, adventure enthusiast, or cultural explorer, the Knuckles Mountain Range offers a truly memorable experience.

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